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Jan. 7th, 2009


Whoop Dee Doo in Kansas City!!!

Hey everyone in the KC Bakery Community,
My name is Leone Anne Reeves, and I am part of Whoop Dee Doo productions which is a kids show here in Kansas City.
We are having a Show on Saturday January 17th from 2-5pm at La Esquina on South West Blvd.
The reason I am posting this to you all is because I am hoping to round up a group of superb bakers to volunteer their skills and donate a wide variety of excellently baked treats for all the Kids and Parents who will be attending the show. Everything is better with Baked goods!!!

Here is a little bit -o- info on Whoop Dee Doo:

Whoop Dee Doo is like a public access variety show for kids that invites an incredibly diverse array of collaborations from the local community in which it is presented. It is part high school talent show, part dancing, community acts, performances, skits, and contests. Basically it’s a kid’s show for adults. It’s a warm, inviting, inclusive community event. Normally the show is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but we have recently begun traveling it to different venues. We love wacky, fun events and performances on the show and invite ideas of all sorts. Our only rules are no nudity or swearing.

Here are some clips of what we have done in the past:


Spin magazine featuring Tilly and the Wall as their official music video!

And our myspace:

If any of you are at all interested, please let me know. And if you have kids or parents or friends who you think might wanna come to the show / perform on the show, let me know that as well!!!
Leone Anne Reeves

Oct. 20th, 2008

Harley Default


Hershey's Crinkle Cookies - question

I made chocolate crinkle cookies yesterday, and while they look delicious, they are actually kinda bland.

I prefer baking with butter, and I'm wondering if I could substitute melted butter for the vegetable oil. If so, would it be a 1:1 substitute?

Or, does anyone have a good choco crinkle cookie recipe that uses butter instead?

Recipe and example pic from Google Images behind cut.Collapse )

Jul. 13th, 2008

Frug Cooking


Does Canning Count for Baking?

This may be off topic and if so the listmod should feel free to delete this, but....

Yesterday we had a freakishly cool July day here in Kansas City. The mid-night high was in the low 80's and most of the day it was in the 60's. So I decided to take advantage of this and can a couple of batches of jam, along with some pickles.

See normally when berries are in season, it is too damn hot to make jam inside. After all who wants a big pot of boiling water on the stove most of the day when it is up over 90. Which is why many houses in the South had a stove outside on the porch, but I digress.

The jams I made were Sour Cherry and Gooseberry Conserve. If I only get a couple of batches done each year, I always make one of these. When I was a little kid, Holidays at my Grandparent's house always had either a Cherry Pie, and Gooseberry Conserve, or a Gooseberry Pie and Sour Cherry Jam on the table.

Cherry jam is easy to do as it uses boxed pectin and sets without trouble. Gooseberry Conserve on the other hand is an old school recipe, so there is no pectin added. As a result you have to cook it until the setting point is reached. Which is an ethereal thing for modern cooks. Took me four batches before I figured it out. But it is worth the work. Gooseberries cooked up with pineapple, raisins and walnuts. It is a talisman of my childhood in a jar.

Oh I almost forgot the pickles. I am a member of the Hen House farmer's Community Supported Agriculture group. Last week one of the items in the basket was a ¼ peck of pickling cucumbers. There was something else in the bag I was not interested in so I took a second ¼ peck. Which gave me enough to make a batch of bread and butter pickles out of the Ball Blue Book. The only thing is I did not quite like their spice load, so I changed it a bit. Substituting my pickling spice for a portion of the spices. Also I had some dilled bread and butter pickles that I really liked so I added some dill seed to the brine. Then to go one better I put a small leaf of fresh dill in the bottom of the jars and a small sprig of dill in the middle.

So there they all sit on my dinning room table, 7 ½ pint jars of sour cherry jam, 6 pint jars of dilled bread and butter pickles, and 16 ½ pint jars of Gooseberry Conserve.

Mar. 31st, 2008


Creme Brulee recipes

I love creme brulee.
I found these recipes, on video, and thought of sharing.

Feb. 17th, 2008

Food ~ Alton Brown (cake)



so I posted the pre cake photo awhile back so here is the final cake

Here is the cake I made for my mom

two layers of yellow cake two layers of dark chocolate
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Jan. 29th, 2008



It's not exactly baking, but it's a dessert, so I hope it counts.

Coconut Rice Pudding…

Why I ever believed that ‘rice pudding’ was a real possibility is beyond me. Somewhere in the back of my head I thought, okay, sure, if you cook rice enough, maybe it does become pudding-like. And I guess it does, if you like your pudding to have the consistency of sticky rice. Then it’s just like pudding.

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Jan. 22nd, 2008



New site...

My friends and I recently started a new website that a few of you might be interested in. BabyBumps.net is an online resource directory for expectant parents in KC.

I post this here because we are currently offering the first three months of advertising free to "baby related" businesses... which would include businesses that create cakes and other goodies for baby showers.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions... and tell all your friends and family about us!!! As a baker myself, I'm glad I found this blog and look forward to seeing your creations!


Jan. 15th, 2008

Kitchen Elf ~ Devils Panties


Chocolate Cappuccino Cake

I just made a Chocolate Cappuccino Frosting for a Dark Chocolate Cake that is REALLY GOOD!!!


  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 2 teaspoons ground cappuccino
  • 3 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

I got a new job as a cook at the First Baptist Church of Raytown's ROC Cafe

We are looking to make some Signature deserts and the Exec Chef loved it and said that this is going on the menu
He also told me to be thinking of new things I want to try and if I have an idea to run it by him and if I nee to get stuff to make it he will order it for me.   SWEET now i get to bake, be creative, AND get paid for it

Jan. 7th, 2008

Kitchen Elf ~ Devils Panties


Cake Decorating

I have to make the cake and I want to use fondant to cover it.
Dose anyone have experance working with it?

I want to do a "test run" since I have not used it that much.
I was thinking sometime next week.  I don't have my sechdule at work yet so I don't know exactly what time but prob in the eveing.

anyone wanna come play?

Dec. 31st, 2007

Kitchen Elf ~ Devils Panties


New Year

Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year.

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