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smeddley in kcbakery

It's not exactly baking, but it's a dessert, so I hope it counts.

Coconut Rice Pudding…

Why I ever believed that ‘rice pudding’ was a real possibility is beyond me. Somewhere in the back of my head I thought, okay, sure, if you cook rice enough, maybe it does become pudding-like. And I guess it does, if you like your pudding to have the consistency of sticky rice. Then it’s just like pudding.

not</i> Coconut Milk. I could not find Cream of Coconut, and still have no idea what it is, so I… guessed and improvised. Now you may claim that my improvisation is what caused the recipe not to ‘pudd’ properly, but even accounting for my improvisation I still maintain that rice will not magically turn into real pudding.

I guessed that cream of coconut might be… sweeter? As it stood, the recipe would create a bland, vaguely coconut flavored bowl of rice. And in my cupboard stood a container of crystallizing honey (they say this stuff can keep for thousands of years, but I can’t keep a bear-full from hardening inside of a month… or two, okay, a year). In went the honey. So now it’s basically rice, water, coconut milk, and honey in a crock pot for a few hours (there might have been other ingredients, I don’t remember). And the recipe I had was unclear whether I should be using cooked rice or uncooked rice – given the amount of fluid I was adding, I went with uncooked rice, though I could be wrong. Maybe that is another reason it didn’t turn out, I don’t know.

A few hours later, this was the result:

(garnished with fresh pineapple and flake coconut to give it some flavor!)

It wasn’t bad warm, but it was awful once it cooled down. Maybe, like bread pudding (a much better faux pudding, in my opinion) it’s a dish best served warm.

Okay, so I have this sticky mound of vaguely pudding-like lumpy coconut-flavored rice. Now what? Foist it off on your co-workers! That’s the ticket. Only, people at work tend to eat things they can pick up, so…

Coconut Rice Pudding Balls are born!

I wonder how these would have turned out if I had rolled the balls, flattened them, sprinkled them with coconut and baked them? I wish I had tried it, because I’m not fond of the idea of shelling out a lot more money for another can of coconut milk (or the elusive cream of coconut) to find out.


Hmm. Lisi makes rice pudding a lot, and it's nummy. I think she uses regular milk, instead of coconut. Also, she puts in raisins and cinnamon. And yeah, I think she does cook it first.
Yeah I love making and eating rice pudding. The rice is cooked first. Then I use cows milk and cook it over a nice medium/medium low heat and stir in my sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla along with a thickening agent(starch or other). Then continuously stirring the sauce till it thickens up. Once thick add in rice and you have a finished dish. I personally love it warm and have never attempted to eat it cold.
I don't cook the rice first when I make rice pudding. I use arborio rice and cook it in whole milk and sugar. The consistency is like oatmeal when warm, but sets up to be scoopably stiff when cold. The starch the arborio rice throws off makes the pudding very creamy. If you did not know better you would swear it is made with heavy cream.