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myleoneanne in kcbakery

Whoop Dee Doo in Kansas City!!!

Hey everyone in the KC Bakery Community,
My name is Leone Anne Reeves, and I am part of Whoop Dee Doo productions which is a kids show here in Kansas City.
We are having a Show on Saturday January 17th from 2-5pm at La Esquina on South West Blvd.
The reason I am posting this to you all is because I am hoping to round up a group of superb bakers to volunteer their skills and donate a wide variety of excellently baked treats for all the Kids and Parents who will be attending the show. Everything is better with Baked goods!!!

Here is a little bit -o- info on Whoop Dee Doo:

Whoop Dee Doo is like a public access variety show for kids that invites an incredibly diverse array of collaborations from the local community in which it is presented. It is part high school talent show, part dancing, community acts, performances, skits, and contests. Basically it’s a kid’s show for adults. It’s a warm, inviting, inclusive community event. Normally the show is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but we have recently begun traveling it to different venues. We love wacky, fun events and performances on the show and invite ideas of all sorts. Our only rules are no nudity or swearing.

Here are some clips of what we have done in the past:


Spin magazine featuring Tilly and the Wall as their official music video!

And our myspace:

If any of you are at all interested, please let me know. And if you have kids or parents or friends who you think might wanna come to the show / perform on the show, let me know that as well!!!
Leone Anne Reeves